Social Value works with charities to sound out goals, measure social value and communicate social impact. We develop social outcome measurement and programme evaluation plans that enable charities to assess and communicate their impact to funders and other stakeholders on an ongoing basis. We also conduct full Social Return on Investment reports.

Charities operate in a fiercely competitive environment for funding – writing funding bids that align with programme outcomes is no longer enough. What is required is to sell your impact.

We offer the following products:

Social Impact Snapshot is a half-day session delivered at your organisation which looks at the measurement and evaluation systems you currently have and then makes recommendations for putting in place appropriate outcome measurement systems to capture the changes experienced by your clients and other stakeholders that are necessary for conducting a SROI analysis – priced at £299

Social Return on Investment Report (either forecast or evaluative) offers a full report of your social impact. We will work with your senior management / trustees and stakeholders to agree the changes your organisation creates for your stakeholders, how long these changes last for, how they are valued and how much they can be attributable to your organisation. We go through an intensive period of data and financial proxy collection in order to calculate the social value created from an investment, represented as a SROI ratio, and create a narrative and graphical report to communicate your social impact.